Why a Quality Elevator Is a Must-Have for Modern Buildings

In the state of Ohio, there are more than 34,000 elevators that the Ohio Department of Commercial Industrial Compliance Division is responsible for overseeing. Still, this isn’t enough to accommodate everyone.

If your building doesn’t have an elevator, it’s time to start thinking about installing one. An elevator fulfills many needs and plays various roles in a modern building.

Investing in a quality elevator for your modern commercial building is necessary for a lot of reasons. Keep reading to learn the importance of elevators as a commercial building owner.

Moving Up and Down With Ease

A quality elevator is necessary for modern buildings so people can move up and down the different floors with ease. This is beneficial for people with mobility challenges, like those using walkers or wheelchairs.

To meet the standards of DDA compliance, modern buildings with upper floors that are more than 200m2 must have a DDA-compliant elevator or access ramp.

If you aren’t sure of the standards for your building, meet with a building inspector or the local council in your area. If you disregard the laws about entry for people with disabilities, you could get in trouble and have to pay hefty fines.

Elevators allow anyone to access every part of a building. They promote inclusivity by removing barriers and ensuring equal access for everyone.

Making the Most of Space

There are cities where limited building space is normal. Architects and builders can utilize more of this space with an elevator installation.

Elevators are compact solutions to limited space problems. Buildings can reach greater heights without taking up too much floor area.

With vertical and efficient transportation of people and goods, elevators allow for more spacious and taller modern buildings.

Additionally, if you have a bigger space, you can make the most out of it by subletting the upper floors to make more money or reduce the size of your business.

If you decide to rent out the upper floors, elevators might be requirements for meeting access rules and the needs of certain commercial renters.

No matter what, installing an elevator can make your building more accessible to more people so you’ll generate cost savings and see a return on your investment.

Adding Convenience

A modern building is more valuable if it has an elevator. Climbing numerous stairs in a high-rise building is not ideal, nor is it possible for some people. It’s important to keep disability access laws in mind during construction.

It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and exhausting to walk up so many stairs. Elevators provide a quick and efficient way to get around buildings.

We’re in a fast-paced world where time is money. Elevators are a great investment for saving time, increasing building value, and improving efficiency.

Elevators provide a convenient and quick way to transport volumes of people and bulky goods from floor level to floor level.

Let’s say you’re getting new furniture for your building’s office. Imagine having to lug all of that up hundreds of stairs. You could seek the help of movers, but you would have to spend a pretty penny for the help.

An elevator eliminates potential problems and additional costs from arising.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Elevators are designed with safety and security in mind. A modern building should follow strict elevator safety standards to protect passengers.

A quality elevator will have emergency communication tools and reliable braking, among other things.

If there are emergencies like natural disasters or fires, elevators are designed with evacuation procedures in mind to keep everyone secure.

It’s important to know the class of building you own to understand the specific requirements for special firefighting features and other National Construction Code regulations.

Modern elevators might be built with advanced security features in mind, like access control systems, that can prevent unauthorized entry and keep a building secure.

If you run a high-profile business, an elevator with an access control system might be on your must-have list.

To keep your elevators safe for the long run, you need to complete regular inspections and maintenance. The professionals at Moseley Elevator can help with this.

Importance of Elevator Inspections and Maintenance

Depending on the elevator service company you choose, you might be able to sign up for a preventative maintenance program. Engineers are provided with maintenance hours to keep clients safe and satisfied.

The experience of field experts equips them to quickly figure out issues and respond confidently with a solution.

Certain elevator features can help with maintenance and safety. Elevator design has evolved to the point where some features include automatic safety checks.

An elevator with features like this can confirm mechanical break conditions while foot traffic is relatively low.

Even if you have these beneficial elevator features, it’s essential to schedule routine repairs, inspections, and tests with professional elevator operators.

Accommodating All Ages

The population is aging so the demand for modern buildings with elevators is higher. Buildings that are accessible to everyone meet the needs of people of any age.

However, to keep all people healthy when using a modern building elevator, you need to follow the best health and hygiene practices. Installing a proper ventilation unit can help disinfect:

  • Bad odor
  • Viruses
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Allergens

These vents can help keep the elevator atmosphere clean which will maintain the health of all elevator users.

Elevators provide a convenient mode of moving throughout the building and remove barriers that buildings without elevators come with.

Is a Quality Elevator Worth It?

A quality elevator is worth the investment for any modern commercial building. They have become an integral part of saving time, adding convenience, and keeping buildings accessible.

Whether you need a new elevator system or you currently have an outdated elevator, Moseley Elevator can help. We can make trendy renovations to keep your equipment current, test your elevator, and make repairs when necessary.

We’ll work on making your Columbus or Dayton, Ohio building more modern with a quality elevator with our years of experience in the industry. Get a quote today to get started on your elevator project!

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